Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?
Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

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Car accidents, by nature, are unpredictable. There is no exact science to forecast or prevent them from happening. However, there are clear patterns and data that show when and where crashes occur most frequently – and knowing these patterns can help reduce the risk of a car incident.

Car Accidents Often Happen in Familiar Places

Although driving in an unfamiliar place may lead to an accident, near your home is one of the most common places of car accidents. In fact, accidents typically occur within 25 miles of home. As we drive in familiar places, we’re more relaxed, thinking we know the route like the back of our hand. We tend to rely on muscle memory, forgetting to pay attention to our surroundings. It’s important to stay vigilant even in familiar territory to avoid an accident.

Common Places for Car Accidents

Parking Lots: While accidents in parking lots aren’t likely to be as serious, they’re quite common. With lots of cars in close quarters, lax rules and regulations, and constant pedestrian movement, parking lots are arguably the place where most low-speed collisions occur. Common parking lot accidents include vehicles backing up into each other, vehicles getting clipped by passing vehicles, vehicles sideswiping other vehicles as they park, etc.Stop Lights and Intersections: Drivers who proceed through intersections and stop lights without yielding or following traffic signals can cause severe collisions. Rear-end accidents happen often, due to drivers who fail to stop and collide with the vehicle in front of them. Busy Highways: During rush hour or seasonal traffic, car accidents happen all the time. Improper lane usage and switching, merging, and exiting cause accidents when drivers don’t stay alert. Rural Roads: Roads in rural places are often littered with debris and may include sharp curves and gravel. These roads see less traffic flow, but they’re often the location for single-vehicle accidents. A lack of traffic can cause drivers to become inattentive or veer off the side of the road. Additionally, road maintenance in these areas can be spotty, which can also contribute to accidents. Regardless of where your accident happens, it can be difficult to manage on your own. If you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident, our experienced team of attorneys are here to help. For a free consultation, contact us today.