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Americans are no strangers to fatal car crashes. But in recent years, the number of car accidents has gone up. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2021, a 10.5% increase from the fatalities in 2020.

Usually, a crash-worthy vehicle will protect its occupants from the harmful effects of a survivable crash. However, when these safety features fail, you may have grounds for a crashworthiness case. You can file this claim with the help of a Scranton crashworthiness lawyer.

These are unique cases against manufacturers of motor vehicles in which the required safety features of the vehicle failed to protect the occupants from serious harm in foreseeable crashes. These cases are often complicated, so consult experienced and skilled Scranton crashworthiness lawyers.

What is Crashworthiness in Automobiles?

Crashworthiness is the ability of an automobile to protect the driver and the passengers during a crash. The law requires manufacturers to deem all vehicles crash-worthy before entering the market. And as you can see, a Scranton crashworthiness attorney deals with injuries caused by defects in protective equipment.

Safety features like airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones help minimize or eliminate the harm to occupants in a crash. In some cases, however, these safety features either cause harm or fail to perform as required, resulting in serious injuries or death. That’s when a Scranton crashworthiness lawyer can help you.

As leading crashworthiness lawyers in Scranton, PA, we are skilled at handling defective airbags cases (either failed to deploy in a crash or deployed under the wrong circumstances), defective seatbelt cases, defective roof cases, crumple zone defects or deficiencies, and more.

Who Is Responsible for Car Defect Accidents?

Crashworthiness claims make up some of the most complicated personal injury cases. It’s often challenging to determine who is responsible for the crash and how much compensation the victims should get.

Usually, the liability rests with the vehicle’s manufacturer if the defective part has been on the vehicle since you first purchased it. The car manufacturer is liable even if the defective part was made by another company, which is often the case.

But your claim can become complicated if you (the buyer) have added accessories that weren’t part of the original assembly that could have affected the defective part. The manufacturer may also fight back arguing you didn’t operate the vehicle or the defective part in a prescribed manner.

So, it’s better to consult a Scranton car defect accident lawyer first. They can help you understand who is at fault and how much compensation you can recover. Your lawyer can also help you prove that the defective product was the cause of your or your loved one’s injuries.

How Scranton Car Defect Accident Lawyer Can Help You

As well-established crashworthiness attorneys in Scranton, PA, we have represented several victims of defective and dangerous auto parts. Each personal injury claim resulting from a car defect is different. It will depend on the what, when, and how the accident happened, among other facts. But your Scranton crashworthiness lawyer can help you every step of the way.

1. Investigate Further

As said before, crashworthiness claims are often complicated. They often warrant further investigation to strengthen your claim. After accepting your case, your Scranton crashworthiness attorney will dig deeper into your car accident case.

This usually involves combing your insurance’s accident report and police reports, conducting interviews, reviewing public law, and accessing other documents. The purpose of this investigation is to find evidence.

2. Collect Evidence

If you can, take photos, insurance information, and witness details from the scene of accidents. But first, get medical help for everyone injured in the accident. Share photos, videos, and other information you have with your Scranton crashworthiness lawyers.

Also, remember to share your:

  • Medical records and treatment details.
  • Receipts for medicines and therapy.
  • Witness and insurance information.

In addition to this, your lawyer will collect additional evidence to support your case. Most lawyers have private investigators and expert witnesses who can help strengthen your claim.

3. Manage Documentation

Paperwork is at the heart of most personal injury cases, including your defective vehicle case. From police reports to documents covering injury details, you will need several documents to prove your claim.

4. Negotiate a Settlement

This is perhaps the most critical benefit of hiring a crashworthiness lawyer in Scranton, PA. Like most personal injury cases, your car defect accident case is likely to settle.

Trials are time-consuming, not to mention expensive. As a result, everyone, including the manufacturer and their insurance company, would want to avoid the trial.

But you need an experienced lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. The manufacturer and/or their insurance company will attempt to make the lowest possible offer. Only a skilled crashworthiness attorney in Scranton, PA, can negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

5. Prepare for Trial

While your case is most likely to settle, that may not always be. If both parties fail to reach a fair settlement, your case will go to trial. In the rare event it does, your Scranton car defect accident attorney will prepare for the trial. They will file a lawsuit within the statute of limitation and be with you until your case reaches a conclusion.

Contact Scranton Car Defect Accident Attorney Now

Personal injury claims involving defective vehicles are complicated. They require help from professionals who have dealt with cases like yours before. That’s where leading crashworthiness lawyers in Scranton, PA, like those at Scartelli Olszewski, P.C., come in.

If a safety feature in your or a loved one’s car has failed to perform as intended in a crash and has resulted in severe injuries, call us for help. Our experienced Scranton car defect accident attorneys can help you understand if you may have a crashworthiness case. We have helped many car crash victims seek the compensation they deserve.

However, time matters in these cases and early investigation is necessary to preserve and document evidence. At Scartelli Olszewski, P.C., we have been handling crashworthiness cases against car manufacturers for decades, and we are here to help you. Call (570) 346-2600 or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.