Chances of Injury in Car Crash: Facts

What are the Chances of Being Injured in a Car Crash?

Rachel Olszewski
Rachel Olszewski


Have you suffered injuries that resulted from a car crash? You are not alone. Studies have found that motor vehicle accidents are responsible for the deaths of nearly 43,000 Americans every year. In fact, the U.S. government reports that our crash death rate is more than twice as high as the average of other high-income countries.

The odds of sustaining a car accident injury will depend on your age, where you live, and how many miles you travel by motor vehicle. The type of vehicle in which you travel can also determine whether or not you are injured in a car crash, among other factors.

Fast Facts

Let’s take a look at the sobering reality of car crashes in the U.S. Statistical data reveals a grim truth: thousands lose their lives annually, while countless others suffer injuries. These alarming numbers serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for road safety measures. Let the numbers speak for themselves, shedding light on a nationwide crisis that demands our attention.

  • Americans spend a combined total of more than 1 million days in the hospital each year due to car crash injuries.
  • Car crash injuries in 2012 totaled $18 billion in lifetime medical costs. More than 75% of costs were incurred during the first 18 months following the car accident injury.
  • 1 in 3 crash deaths in the U.S. involved drunk driving.
  • Approximately 1 in 3 involved speeding.

Lower death rates in other high-income countries and a high percentage of risk factors in the U.S. suggest that we can make more progress in reducing car crash injuries and deaths.

Drivers and Passengers

Needless to say, it’s crucial to stay safe behind the wheel. Drivers and passengers play a key role in causing car crashes. Drivers need to maintain focus, avoid distractions, and obey traffic rules, and all passengers need to buckle up for protection. Here are some ways you can decrease your chance of injury.

  • Use the seat belt in every seat, on every trip, no matter how short.
  • To protect your children from a car accident injury, make sure they are always properly buckled in the back seat in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt, whichever is appropriate for their age, height, and weight.
  • Do not drive while impaired, and urge others to do the same.
  • Obey speed limits.

Drive without distractions (such as using a cell phone or texting) to avoid getting injured in a car accident.

State Officials Can Help

State authorities play a pivotal role in curbing car crash injuries and fatalities. By implementing robust traffic regulations, enhancing driver education programs, promoting safe infrastructure, and enforcing strict enforcement measures, we can pave the way toward a future with fewer accidents. State officials can take the following steps to help.

  • Consider using proven interventions to reduce crashes and injuries.
  • Increase seat belt use through primary enforcement of seat belt laws that cover everyone in the car.
  • Improve child passenger safety with restraint laws that require car seat or booster seat use for children age 8 and under or until 57 inches tall, the recommended height for proper seat belt fit.
  • Car crash injuries can also be avoided by reducing drinking and driving by using sobriety checkpoints. Ignition interlock may be used for people convicted of drinking and driving, starting with their first conviction.
  • Improving teen driver safety and reducing the risk of getting injured in a car accident is possible through the use of comprehensive GDL systems.
  • Support traffic safety laws with media campaigns and visible police presence, such as those used with sobriety checkpoints to curb car crash injuries.
  • Link medical and crash data to better understand why crashes happen, the economic cost of those crashes, and how to prevent future crashes.

Employers Can Help

Socially responsible employers can play a crucial role in promoting road safety among their employees. By implementing proactive measures, such as safety policies and regular vehicle maintenance, employers can empower their workforce to protect themselves from car crash injuries and fatalities. Employers can:

  • Require seat belt use at all times in company vehicles, and in personal cars and trucks while on company business.
  • Monitor the costs and causes of crashes in their workforce to support and guide motor vehicle safety programs.
  • Arrange work schedules to reduce distracted driving, fatigue, and speeding.
  • Select company vehicles with advanced safety features such as electronic stability control, lane departure warning systems, and collision avoidance systems.

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