How to Choose a Personal Injury Law Firm

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How do you choose a personal injury law firm?

First of all, if you are beginning to feel like you need a personal injury law firm, what you’re experiencing is probably awful. Accidents can be devastating. You may feel like your life’s been turned upside down.

Most people think that their car insurance company is going to protect them. After all, they’ve been paying their insurance company month in and month out. But your insurance company, while sometimes friendly and helpful, is in the business of giving you as little as possible for an accident in order to get you off their books. This is because they are beholden to their shareholders.Getting help from a personal injury law firm can often make a difference that will last your whole lifetime.

How Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Help You?

A personal injury law firm, like ours, helps individual people not insurance companies. We listen to your story, and from our experience as an injury firm we will tell you if your case needs investigating right away. Depending upon the circumstances you may be surprised to learn there may be more than one party that needs to be sued in a personal injury lawsuit. Most parties have insurance so in reality you may be going up against one or more insurance companies.In our country car insurance is mandatory. It exists to protect the injured as well as the party who is liable for the injury. It sounds simple but the process of determining what your case is worth is complex and most often requires an experienced accident attorney.We understand that most people do not want to sue or be involved in a law suit or hire a personal injury law firm. Most people have never even stepped foot in a personal injury law firm. At Scartelli Olszewski P.C. we meet people like this every day, as we have for over 20 years. We work hard to uncover what happened to you, and help get you the best possible outcome in your case.

What Can You Do to Help Your Own Case?

Keep a record of what happened to you and what financial losses you have incurred. You may want to keep a journal if you think down the road you may not remember all you are going through. Ask friends and family to document how your life has changed and what you’ve gone through. If you have doctors appointments, keep them and try to get the best medical care for your condition.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Law Firm Cost?

At Scartelli Olszewski P.C. we don’t ask for any money up front. In fact, if you have been injured through someone else’s fault we will advance all costs associated with your case until you win or settle. The attorney’s fee is paid only after you win or settle. This means there’s no attorney’s fee or legal costs to you until you have money to pay them. There are very few professions that can say they’ll partner with you this way.

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