PA Medical Injury Case Damages: Medical Malpractice Lawyer

‘Damages’ in a PA Medical Injury Case? Medical Malpractice Lawyer:

Peter Olszewski
Peter Olszewski

This article tells you a little about what kind of compensation a Medical Malpractice lawyer could get for you in a PA Medical Malpractice case.What can a Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyer do to help you after you’ve been injured by a healthcare provider? If you think you may have been injured as the result of the negligence of a medical professional, you may be feeling frustrated and alone. You want your life back but you may not know where to start. What kinds of compensation can you get if you file a Medical Malpractice case? And how much will a Medical Malpractice Lawyer cost?

What will a Medical Malpractice Lawyer do for you?

You might be just beginning to think you need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer to help you. But what can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer get for you, and how long will that take?First of all, if you or a loved one have been injured because of medical negligence, you are lucky to live in a state like Pennsylvania, which has no settlement caps on non-economic damages. Non-economic damages are damages that didn’t directly cost you money, as opposed to “economic damages”, which would be things such as damage to personal property, medical bills, loss of ability to earn income, etc. Say you have a baby who dies in a hospital because of negligence or a mistake made by a medical professional, you can sue the responsible party/parties for “non-economic damages” such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and personal anguish and recover compensation for these injuries, the amount of which is decided by a jury of your peers. In some states, it’s very hard to sue for Medical Malpractice in cases where there aren’t really any economic damages, such as a lost baby, because there are limits or “caps” to the amount of money you can get for non-economic damages, some which are so low in states like California, that a Medical Malpractice Lawyer can’t afford to take the case. Fortunately, in Pennsylvania. there’s still hope…

Medical Malpractice Lawyer: No Settlement Caps in PA

Here in PA, we don’t have caps on non-economic damages. When you are injured by a medical professional, it’s up to a jury of your peers to decide how much compensation you deserve. A Medical Malpractice Lawyer will pursue economic and non-economic damages for you.

Calling a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Calling a Medical Malpractice Lawyer to discuss your potential case is totally free. And if a Medical Malpractice Lawyer decides to take your case, you pay no fees out of pocket. All fees are deducted from the final settlement or jury verdict amount.Having a Medical Malpractice Lawyer work on your behalf means that they are determined to get you the best outcome. Scartelli Oslweski, P.C., has just won a 10 million dollar verdict for a client who suffered permanent injuries in a medical malpractice case. We work hard on our clients’ behalf. If you need help determining if you have a case contact us any time and we’ll diligently see if we can help you.Reach out through this form or call us at (877) 353-0529

Peter Olszewski
Peter Olszewski

Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr., a shareholder and managing partner at Scartelli Olszewski, P.C., brings 37 years of litigation experience. He is a renowned trial lawyer in Pennsylvania, specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, and criminal defense. Peter's notable achievements include securing multi-million-dollar verdicts and serving as District Attorney and Judge. He is committed to community involvement and is actively engaged in various legal associations.
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