Car Insurance: What is Full Tort Coverage?
Car Insurance: What is Full Tort Coverage?

Car Insurance: What is Full Tort Coverage?

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What is Full vs Limited Tort Coverage?

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When it comes to car insurance, many of us aren’t quite sure what we have. We know the cost of the insurance, and we know that it’s very important to have insurance, but the details of our policies are uncertain. With all the complicated language and fine print, insurance policies are far from light reading. If you don’t know the difference between full and limited tort, you may likely pick limited tort as it is cheaper.

So what is the difference? Why is limited tort cheaper?

The answer lies in the definition of each option. Full tort provides you more comprehensive coverage in the event that you get into a car accident. Specifically, full tort gives you the ability to sue the other driver for pain and suffering. You can also sue for your medical and related expenses, ongoing inconvenience and distress; the broader coverage allows this for accident victims of all injury severity levels.Limited tort coverage provides just what the name implies, limited options in the event of an accident. With this coverage, you would only be able to recoup costs like medical and out of pocket expenses. The big difference is you are “limited” from getting compensated for your pain, suffering, distress, and anxiety unless you prove your physical injury has caused a serious impairment of a bodily function.

Is full tort coverage better?

It is entirely your choice which coverage option you select. We recommend that you select full tort coverage. This is because we have found that the small economic benefit you get from cheaper insurance is not worth limiting your right to be fully compensated in the event of an accident. No one likes to think they’ll get in an accident someday, but car accidents are a tragic and common occurrence. Protect yourself and your loved ones by driving safely and getting full coverage.If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, call us today.