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Why Do I Need a Scranton Injury Lawyer?

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Getting into an accident or suffering an injury because of someone’s negligence can be a confusing, scary and overwhelming event in your life. You may be thinking, “the last thing I need right now is to spend more money by hiring a personal injury lawyer and make my life even more complicated.” A lot of people think this. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. Heres why you may need a Scranton injury lawyer:

Why would you need a Scranton Injury Lawyer?

After your accident, you could always try and deal with the other side by yourself and NOT contact a Scranton Injury Lawyer. Here’s why this may actually make matters worse.Say you got into a car accident and you’re injured and believe the other party is at-fault for the accident. You even found a witness and gathered evidence such as pictures of the accident, your medical records, etc. Now you have to contact the at-fault person’s insurance company. Without representation from an Injury Lawyer, it’s you – alone, up against an entire army of claim adjusters, lawyers, doctors and other professionals who are all trying to build a case against you, so that they can pay you as little money as possible for what happened to you.Insurance adjusters are often trained to ask you tricky questions, convince you to make recorded statements that try to limit the scope of your injury to try to defeat your claim. They have endless resources to hire doctors to examine you or your medical records and find reasons to argue your claim is either pre-existing, not valid or minimal. With all these people working against you, if it feels like it’s you against the world – it is! A Scranton Injury Lawyer could change this.

How a Scranton Injury Lawyer could make a difference

So, assume the other side has an army. Well an injury law firm IS an army. Say you hire a Scranton Injury Lawyer; now you have a fair fight.Personal Injury Law Firms know the insurance company “playbook.” They’ve seen it before. They will challenge the defense so called “experts” to ensure a just and fair result. If necessary, a personal injury lawyer will see that qualified medical experts and other professionals evaluate and work on your case. Plus, your lawyer will deal with everything: they will obtain the evidence, file the court papers, do the legal research and deal with the insurance adjusters and everyone else. A Scranton Injury Lawyer will take the burden off you. The good news is if you have an Injury Lawyer on your side, they’ll know exactly what to do with your case and you will be able to concentrate on what’s most important- YOU.

How much value can a Scranton Injury Lawyer add to your case?

According to the Consumer Panel Survey of Car Accident Victims, “Paying for Auto Injuries,” settlements for victims of car accidents were 40 percent higher with lawyer representation than without. And the best part is, a personal injury lawyer will only take a fee if and when you settle or win your case. The injury firm’s fee is “contingent” on winning. There is no financial risk to you in hiring a personal injury attorney whose fees and costs are contingent on winning. Call a Scranton Injury lawyer today Talk to us for free by calling us at (877) 353-0529, or filling out the contact form below:

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