What a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer Does
truck accident lawyer

What a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer Does

Scartelli Olszewski P.C.
Scartelli Olszewski P.C.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, accidents involving commercial trucks have increased in The Keystone State. Just over 6,300 truck accidents took place in 2020. More than 7,500 occurred in 2022.

Were you injured in a truck accident in Pennsylvania recently? Consider working with a truck accident attorney with experience representing personal injury cases. They can explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit on your behalf. It could potentially help you collect compensation to cover medical bills and property damage costs.

So, what does a truck accident lawyer do? Find out below.

What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do in Pennsylvania?

Large truck accidents aren’t only on the rise in Pennsylvania. They’ve increased all across the country. A Forbes report found that almost 524,000 truck accidents occurred in the U.S. in 2022, up from 415,000 truck accidents the previous year.

Those involved in truck accidents are usually told to hire truck accident attorneys. But they sometimes wonder, “What does a truck accident lawyer do?”

A truck accident lawyer can help you in many ways in the aftermath of a truck-related crash. They can:

  • Investigate your truck accident and let you know if you have a strong enough case to take legal action.
  • Gather evidence and put together a truck accident lawsuit.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to try to secure a settlement for you.
  • Try your case in court if your truck accident case does not settle.

A good truck accident attorney won’t charge you anything upfront, either. Many car accident and truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. They only gain payment if you’re awarded a settlement or judgment.

When Should You Call a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney?

Right after you’re involved in a truck accident, you should:

  • Call 911.
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Provide police with a statement.
  • Exchange insurance information with other drivers.
  • Work on having your vehicle towed from the scene.

Once you’re finished, you may consider calling your auto insurance company next to tell them about your truck accident. You should also reach out to a truck accident attorney.

A truck accident lawyer can assist you in setting up auto insurance claims to pay your medical bills and lost wages.They can also prevent you from  accepting a lowball settlement offer from an insurance company if it is not in your best interest. 

What Should You Look for in a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer?

When you need to begin working with a truck accident lawyer, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking one down. Anywhere from 93,000 to 135,000 personal injury lawyers work throughout the country. Many of them take on truck accident cases.

Don’t just choose the first truck accident lawyer you can find, though. Search for a personal injury attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and conveniently located in your area.

If your case goes to trial, you and your truck accident attorney may spend months or maybe even years working together. Make sure you rely on a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and has the time to provide adequate representation.

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