Motorcycle Crash: When to Call a Lawyer
Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Should I Call an Injury Lawyer After my Motorcycle Crash?

Peter Olszewski
Peter Olszewski

You may be severely injured or just shaken up – no matter how bad your motorcycle crash was, chances are it’s probably set you back somehow.

What can an Injury Lawyer help after Your Motorcycle Crash?

You’re probably going through a lot right now. You may even be having nightmares about the crash and are dwelling on ways you possibly could have prevented it. But you can’t change what happened, and now you need to move forward and think about getting compensated for your injuries and damages. Should you hire a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

Can You Handle Your Motorcycle Case Without an Injury Lawyer?

You aren’t obligated to have a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer help you with pursuing damages. You could always try and deal with the insurance companies yourself and save yourself the lawyer’s fees.

What Can Happen if You Do Not Hire an Injury Lawyer When You’ve Been Injured on your Motorcycle

Just remember that an insurance company’s lawyers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and will try and prevent you from receiving maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. You’re going up against professionals who make a living fighting against cases like yours, so you may be putting yourself in a tough position. Imagine if you were a plumber, and then all of a sudden, you were told to build a deck, and that you were competing against a carpenter, who was building another deck right next to you, and the person who built the better deck faster, won the competition. If the stakes were high, you’d probably sub in a carpenter to build your deck for you, right?

Letting Your Injury Lawyer “build your deck”

A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer knows the system, knows the tricks the competition will use, and has done this many times in the past and helped people in your same position. On top of that, a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer will not charge you up-front fees and will only deduct their fee from the final settlement if they win the case. And chances are, they will help get you the maximum settlement amount.Tell us what happened to you and we’ll let you know for free what we could do to help you. Fill out the contact form here:

Peter Olszewski
Peter Olszewski

Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr., a shareholder and managing partner at Scartelli Olszewski, P.C., brings 37 years of litigation experience. He is a renowned trial lawyer in Pennsylvania, specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, and criminal defense. Peter's notable achievements include securing multi-million-dollar verdicts and serving as District Attorney and Judge. He is committed to community involvement and is actively engaged in various legal associations.
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