Medical Malpractice

Crashworthiness cases are unique cases against manufacturers of motor vehicles in which the required safety features of the vehicle failed to protect the occupants from serious harm in foreseeable crashes. A crashworthy vehicle will protect its occupants from the harmful effects of a survivable crash. Safety features like airbags, seatbelts, crumple zones, etc. are all designed to minimize or eliminate the harm to occupants in crashes. In some cases, however, the safety features that are designed to protect the occupants either cause harm or fail to perform as required and result in serious injuries or death.

Crashworthiness cases include defective airbags that either failed to deploy in a crash or deployed under the wrong circumstances, defective seatbelt cases, defective roof cases, crumple zone defects or deficiencies and many more. If a safety feature in your or a loved one’s car has failed to perform as intended in a crash and has resulted in serious injuries, call us for a free consultation on whether you may have a crashworthiness case. Time matters in these cases and early investigation is necessary to preserve and document evidence. At Scartelli Olszewski PC, we have been handling crashworthiness cases against car manufacturers for decades and we are here to help you.