Road Debris and Car Accidents

While thinking about car accidents our minds typically jump to negligent drivers: speeding, distracted driving, running a red light or stop sign, any careless act that would cause a crash with another vehicle. But what happens when you’re driving and there’s unavoidable road debris that causes an accident? In many cases, the foreign object on the road has been left there by another driver. Common examples of debris that often land on the road include:

  • Couches, mattresses, furniture
  • Tires
  • Loose or improperly stored cargo
  • Car parts from improperly maintained vehicles
  • Trees or lumber

So what exactly should you do after hitting road debris? First, call 911. This will ensure you receive any medical attention or the help to safely remove your vehicle from the road. It’s also a good idea to file a police report when the authorities show up. Next, take note of the actual accident. What type of debris did you hit? Where was it located? Was it already on the road? Or did you see the debris fall from a vehicle? If so, pay attention to the type of vehicle, if there was a company name on it, or the plate number.If you can prove who is liable for the debris on the road, you may be able to hold them responsible. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can make a difference in this type of situation and our experienced attorneys are here to help. If you were injured in an accident involving road debris, you may have a case. For a free consultation with our team at Scartelli Olszewski, call or message us today.Source: