How You and Your Dog can Support the Environment

Scartelli Olszewski P.C.

If you’ve visited Scartelli Olszewski chances are you have met Sophia, the firm’s white Labrador retriever whose favorite time of day is lunch time! The first clue Sophia is “in the house” is if you see waste baskets on top of the desks. If there’s food, Sophia will find it. And then there is Miranda, our German Shepard. She is “on guard” for anyone who wants to play. You have the “right to remain silent” if you are charged with failing to play with Miranda. Our best advice is “don’t get caught!”The dogs are prominently featured in the photograph for Lacawac Sanctuary’s upcoming Lake to Lake 8k Trail Run and Dog Wag. This unique event, coming up on October 20th, aims to celebrate autumn and bring together people in our community to get outside and enjoy the change of seasons. It’s fun for the whole family (dogs included!), and a great way to enjoy the fall weather in a scenic nature preserve. Attorney Peter Paul Olszewski Jr is proud to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Lacawac for the past 5 years. “Lacawac provides training on how to preserve and protect the environment for everyone from elementary school students to PhD scientists. We also welcome the public to see the most beautiful wildlife Pennsylvania has to offer.”So if you are like the folks at Scartelli Olszewski who love dogs and endeavor to enjoy and protect the great outdoors join us at Lacawac. Experience the beauty of Lake Lacawac, the southern most glacial lake in the Northern Hemisphere! Proceeds of the event benefit Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station. Lacawac Sanctuary is a 550 acre biologic field station with a mission of “Preservation, Education and Research.” The organization provides a venue for nationally renowned scientists who conduct both aquatic and terrestrial research on the property. The Lacawac Lake to Lake 8k Trail Run and Dog Wag will take place Sunday, October 20th, 2019. To register or donate, visit