Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit

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Camp Lejeune is a massive Marine Corps base that served contaminated water to the Marines stationed there between 1953 and 1987. The water had been contaminated by industrial solvents, benzene, and other chemicals that cause diseases, disorders, cancers, and more in Marines and residents in the surrounding area.

People were drinking and bathing in water contaminated with solutions meant to dissolve materials like paint, oil, and grease. Reportedly, they didn’t know about the contaminated water until 1985 when they first turned off the pipes, but they were then knowingly turned back on in violation of the law to continue to poison more of our veterans and their families.

If you or a loved one drank from the water at Camp Lejeune from August 1, 1953, to December 31, 1987, you may be owed damages. You do not have to have had or have already developed a condition to be owed damages. The leadership at Camp Lejeune deciding to put you and your loved ones at risk is enough to deserve compensation.


How Was the Water Contaminated at Camp Lejeune?

The water wasn’t contaminated by natural exposure to the elements. The base had been using the water and mixing it with chemicals before funneling it back into the water the base used for drinking and bathing. The water’s uses included:

  • The manufacture of plastics
  • Dry cleaning
  • Solvents
  • Degreasers

These activities are well-known to produce dangerous byproducts that people should not be exposed to, yet those in charge of Camp Lejeune chose to expose people anyway.

What Health Risks Can People Experience?

We’ve mentioned that the chemicals in the water at Camp Lejeune could cause diseases, disorders, and cancers. These include but are not limited to:

  • Leukemia (All Types)
  • Liver Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Rectal Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma)
  • Cardiac Defects
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Breast Cancer (Male or Female)
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Central Nervous System Cancer (Brain or Spinal Cord)
  • Miscarriage (Female)
  • Infertility (Male or Female)

To support the families poisoned by the water, Congress passed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2021. If you or a family member was stationed there between 1953 and 1987, and you developed any of the following illnesses, you deserve compensation.

Why Do You Need To Fight for Compensation?

While it’s good that the Camp Lejeune Justice Act supports people in the endeavor of receiving compensation, it doesn’t guarantee payouts. Each family affected by the water contamination has to take legal action to prove that the government officials in charge of Camp Lejeune poisoned them.

This will take the form of many premise liability lawsuits discussing how the negligence of the officials in charge of Camp Lejeune allowed for the water contamination. As hundreds, if not thousands of cases make their point, they will flood the court systems and force different cases to stall.

To avoid this, you must have an experienced team of attorneys at your side. Ones who can and will stick by you through the trying time, and do whatever they need to prove your case, and do so as soon as possible.

What Should You Do Next?

Contact the attorneys at Scartelli Olszewski P.C. We stand ready to help you receive the compensation you deserve for any health problems you or a loved one have experienced or may experience in the future. Even after many have developed disorders and cancers or been born with birth defects, it’s troubling that people who are not ill may still become so. Don’t leave it to chance. Make sure you have all the resources you need to live your life to the fullest. Contact Scartelli Olszewski P.C. today for a consultation.


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